Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mr S.Nand (Management Guru) commented on SNEH

THe Famous Management Guru and promoter of positive thinking Mr S.Nand's thoughts about SNEH. We are thankful to him for his valuable suggestion and look forward for his support and guidance for SNEH. We request that if all can come forward for contribution of Rs 1.00 per day to SNEH and encourage others too for the same can make a big difference in the life of a Special Child.

Dear Pankaj ji,
happy morning!
my heartiest facilitations for doing such a wonderful pursuit...your project is doing well and receiving the "SNEH" of so many....
my small experience in the field is that the more and more individuals get connected with any social project make that project a grand success.
I will like you to think of A RUPEE A DAY sponsership from individuals.The box could be provided by us. I will love to help.
If I ever come to GRASIM, will love to visit and see for myself your good and inspiring work.
with best wishes

Center for Self Development
MOB 94250-66382