Monday, October 5, 2009


Lions Club Nagda Greater, which has taken SNEH as its Permanent Project, has taken initiative under their Lions Service Week to Exhibit the goods & items made by the children of SNEH under self sustainable program. The Exhibition is organized from 5th Oct 2009 to 7th Oct 2009 at SNEH campus from 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM. The first day all the journalist of Nagda visited the Exhibition & appreciated the efforts of students put in to prepare the things. PDG Lion I.A. Quadri, Lion Govind Mohta, Lion Vijay Porwal, Ashok Saklecha, Nirmal Jain were present on the occasion. Lion Pankaj Maru informed about the purpose & activities of SNEH. Occupational Therapist, Dr Naina explained about the assesment & Occupational Therapy. Lion Vinay Raj Sharma conducted the Program & Mrs Priyanska Shriwastava Extended vote of thanks.


  1. I have visited SNEH on 5th October 2009 and have observed its activities from a close angle. This is really commendable. Lion Pankaj Maru has taken a giant leap towards the human service by starting this Special Need Education Home. The differently able lovely children are being taught and being taken care of by the devoted and specially educated staff like Mrs. Priyanka Shrivastava and Dr. Naina. They are doing wonders.
    The items prepared by these wonderful children are very attractive and beautiful.
    I must say, " This is great, really great."
    Heartiest Congratulations to Lion Pankaj Maru, Mrs. Shrivastava and Dr. Naina for their extra ordinary vision, devotion, determination and dedication. I send my best wishes for the success of this excellent team. I also extend my whole hearted support for this cause.
    Best regards, Lion I.A. Quadri - DG 323 G-2 - 200-07

  2. Dear Sir,

    I like the concept of sneh.

  3. keep it up! you are going wonderful

  4. Dear pankaj maru,
    I have visited,SNEH" on 06Dec.09 I am very happy after seen about "sneh" Go ahead it is prayer of GOD.
    Jiwanlal Todawal Indore.(NGD WALE)